interaction design
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Clockwork Amsterdam

Homburg Inc. - international site [site (in progress)]

Rabogadget on Hyves [site] - your op je Hyves

Microsoft Tag demo for iBlue brokers - iphone -detection [mobile site] business - calculator tools for business products

Het Juridisch Loket [site] - concept new site for judicial support [site] - website for the Dutch employement office

Centraal Beheer Achmea [site] - self service environment


EMI Virgin - intranet release planning tool

Greenwish - online community

Stichting Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte - search engine


z@ppelin - intranetomgeving voor medewerkers jeugd tv

Change The Script

Flower Council Holland - international site

Rituals [site] - online shop and catalogue

Sunweb [archived] - first site with real time booking

Freeler [archived] - portal site

De Amersfoortse - intermediair site

Renault - dealer sites

VPRO (internship)

Digitaal reisverslag - [demo project]






A selection of older projects. Some are still online, some can be found in the archive or aren't accessible from outside.