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The newspaper selects the articles that are shown on the site with different perspectives on the same item. In such a way it is not a literally copy of the paper version but an extension to the newspaper and the brand Visitors can see what is read most and they can read the other opinions and give their own. On this site you’re able to both read and scan the news.
Role and responsibilities
Interaction designer.
Translating the general concept into design proposals and specifications for parts of the site. Presenting the design to the client, keep in touch with the technical party. Directing freelancers and monitoring the consistency in navigation during the whole process.
Non-conventional lay-out of a news site.
At 4 p.m. the focus changes from news to tips on art and leisure.
A special bar with access to extra functionalities and specials ads.
Possibility to extend the site to a platform with fora
Nominated for a Spin Award in the category most innovative website concept.


Examples of persona's and rationales
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persona persona2Rationalerationale

Basic lay out and site structure
Vlekkenplan vlekkenplan 2 sitestructuur

Wireframe and visual design
visual design wireframe