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The bank introduced a new product for investors. With the index certificates it is possible to invest in different markets world wide.
How to make such an abstract product clear to a group of different investors? We decided to position a globe in the centre of the site as a gadget where the user can explore the different certificates and markets. They can find basic information to decide whether to buy a certain certificate or not. The background information can be found in the bottom part of the screen.
Role en responsibilities
The website is part of an on- and offline campaign. I designed the structure, the navigation and the behavior of the site from sketch to detailed specification after which I present this to the client. With the clients’ approval the specification of each part was transferred for technical realization. I monitored the consistency during this realization in Flash.
An innovative tool as central element in stead of information.
The user is attracted to learn more about the new product during a discovery of the world.
Conservative and curious investors as target groups
Use of new flash technology
Part of on- and offline campaign
Real time information and quotes of certificates


Sitemap and wireframe examples
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Wireframe of toolexample of flow

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